The movement patterns on the GYROTONIC® Archway are based on the GYROKINESIS® Method. Because of the guidance and resistance of the equipment, you can attain more accurate movement patterns, improved strength, more flexibility and in general much better connections between the different parts of the body.  The vertical, tiered ladder design of the Archway accommodates advanced strength and stability sequences by allowing users to perform exercises in various relationships to gravity: vertical, horizontal, diagonal, and inverted.


Excerpts from interview with Jackson Kellogg on the new GYROTONIC®Archway Courses: “Practicing the Archway exercises dramatically changes the ease in doing the Gyrokinesis exercises, and the exercises on all of the other pieces of equipment, because of all of the strength that you can develop. And, it’s strength within the ability to create space, not just big muscles […] The Archway is great for athletes who are looking for ways to increase the efficiency, and power of their movements. […] There are many preliminary exercises that are accessible to the average person [… that] let you get comfortable supporting your own body weight, which is an ability that is important to maintain as we age.”

55 min. private/semi-private sessions available
@Studio Natural Flow (1 min from Yoyogi Koen station)

Private: 9,000 yen
Pair: 13,000 yen
Class cards (5 or 10) also available

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With Archway, gravity naturally transmitted energy where I needed it to go, helping me go beyond my limits. It supported and coaxed my body to move the right way. I felt energy deep in areas that it normally doesn’t get to, so in the gyrokinesis class after I was able to really relax yet feel deeply supported in these areas! – Megumi


First of all, the apparatus is really beautiful. You feel like you are part of a piece of art. And in this one space, you can do so many types of exercises. You don’t get bored, and without your feet on the ground you definitely develop a stronger core! – Aya

まず 器具が本当に美しい。自分もアートの1つになれる。そして1つのスペースで かなりの種類のエクササイズが出来て飽きないし 結果としても 床を踏まないことで コアが確実に 強くなる!(アヤ)

I like how you use your imagination in Gyrokinesis. You’re encouraged to relax and move freely to start, then to focus on strengthening your center. With Archway, body weight and gravity deepen the experience. It took a while to get used to the specialized equipment, but I started noticing parts of my body that I hadn’t been aware of before. A lot of bodywork focuses on form, and we tend to focus too much on this and forget the natural functions of our bodies. Gyrokinesis and Archway help you become aware of strength and suppleness while allowing the body to move freely. Thank you for coaching me. It was so much fun and helpful for my yoga practice. The way you teach helps release both body and mind. – Kumi


Archway is pretty hard at first but you get better by incorporating the breath and figuring out how to use your body, and it was fun making these discoveries.– Tokiko


It’s like doing aerial gyrokinesis. It’s a full-body workout, but because it’s gyrokinesis, all the tight spots slowly melt away as you begin to get the movements. It was really interesting. Things I was somehow getting away with at pilates were exposed because of the dynamic movements. I noticed that because I usually focus on moving carefully and safely, I was unconsciously making my movements too small and efficient. Because I could enjoy expanding my body more, my heart felt much more open. The body and mind really are connected.-Miho