What Clients Say・お客様の声


Through my 20s and 30s I tried all kinds of workouts, from yoga and pilates to hiphop and jazzercise, always ending up quitting after a few months. Putting aside my commitment issues (“I’m too busy and tired” is always my excuse…), the exercises were either too exhausting after a full day at work, or the language used in class was too esoteric for me. Then, at age 41, I discovered Maya’s gyrokinesis class and have now been committed to it for 2 years. The class involves stretches and deep breathing as a way to soften and strengthen your muscles, so even though it is a workout it allows you to relax and restructure your body, which is a perfect way to end your day. Maya is always attentive to each student and tries to adjust the class content to meet our various needs. For the first time, I feel I have discovered an exercise that I can continue well into my 60s and 70s.- Shin (43)


After sitting at a desk all day and dealing with a stressful job, attending Maya’s gyrokinesis class is an excellent way to unwind. I sleep like a baby afterwards and feel great for the next couple of days. Maya’s explanations are clear and easy to follow. Classes are varied from one week to the next so there is always something new to discover. Our class is a mix of profiles, ages and levels of physical fitness, but everybody is able to follow and fully benefit from the exercises. Last but not least – the classes are great fun! Highly recommended.- Christopher (47)


As a fan of dance and yoga I couldn’t wait to attend Maya’s class. I found that gyrokinesis focused on moving and stimulating areas of my spine that I had never worked out before in any yoga class. The movements are simple and flowing but extremely effective. Maya’s calm and enthusiastic style shows how much she enjoys bringing the benefits of gyrokinesis to her students. I will definitely be going back! – Karah (35)


I feel like I can hear every cell in my body thanking me for taking this class! – Junko (76)



I encountered Maya by chance when I was seeking a new bodywork method after practicing traditional yoga for over 20 years. Compared to the contraction-expansion movements of yoga, in a gyrokinesis class we keep moving from head to toe and circulating the energy in the body. I found it to be very relaxing and soothing. Afterwards, all my muscles and joints feel looser, and every cell in my body is full of joy. Maya’s instructions are easy to understand, with fun and beautiful expressions.  You are constantly smiling during her class. Please try it out!-Hiroko (55)


Maya is the picture of grace and couldn’t be more inspiring to learn from. I’ve suffered with back problems for a few years and have never got so deeply into my tight muscles as I did at her first class. My back felt great, and now I’m hooked! – Rob (45)



Maya is an inspiring teacher and really does have a great knack for explaining how to do all of the moves properly. Her class is a great all-over body work out, like a massage for my poor spine which has been hunched over a keypad all day. At the end of class, every bit of my body feels lovely and stretched out and it is like my spine has grown a full inch! Am definitely hooked! – Bronwyn (38)



I must admit that I was a bit skeptical about taking gyrokinesis. I had visions of being contorted in awkward positions. To my amazement, after taking the first class, I could already feel the benefits – I felt taller, muscles were more relaxed and I slept really well that night. Maya is a very clear, patient and conscientious instructor – and she took my pre-existing knee and sciatica complaints into account. I look forward to every class knowing that I will feel incredible afterwards. I am now a confirmed gyrokinesis fan. – Sandy (56)


I love how my muscles immediately feel re-energized once class begins. – Miki (48)


On Beginner Ballet Conditioning & Barre
「バレエ入門:コンディショニング&バー」 について

As a man in his 40s, I must admit I was quite reluctant to try it at first. I had this preconceived notion (or prejudice) that adult ballet lessons were mainly for women who wanted to attain a beautiful, toned body. After the first lesson, however, I realized I was completely wrong. Barre lessons are probably one of the best workouts for building strong core muscles, regardless or gender or age. I recommend Maya’s beginner ballet conditioning and barre class to anyone who is interested in building strong muscles but is bored with machine workouts. Or if you have tried yoga and pilates and wish to try something more musical, rhythmic, and fun, this is the exercise for you! Each exercise comes with a tidbit of information on dance anatomy, so you learn to become aware of your bone structure and muscle involvement, which really helps in enhancing body coordination. I now have a renewed appreciation for the athleticism of ballet dancers and the art of ballet in general. Above all, Maya’s approach to every exercise is always fun and inspiring and brings out to the dancer in everyone, even me! – Shin (43)


It’s like the stiffness in my body has melted away and I feel very light. Ballet is wonderful. It’s hard, but I had a lot of fun. I’ll be back! – Tamiko