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Upcoming GYROKINESIS®︎ Pre-Training Courses in Tokyo
June 15-20, 2019 (in English) – see below↓ for details.
July 23-25 & 29-31 (in Japanese) – details here!


GYROKINESIS® Pretraining Course Announcement

Happy to announce I’ll be conducting a GYROKINESIS® Level 1 Pre-Training Course (in English) at Studio Natural Flow in Tokyo from June 15-20, 2019. Whether you are interested in becoming a certified GYROKINESIS® trainer or just want to gain a better understanding of the method, you are welcome to join. The course aims to provide a foundational understanding of the Level 1 exercises and prepare students physically for the Foundation Course, which is the next step towards becoming an instructor. Studio Natural Flow is also offering a Level 1 Foundation Course with Master Trainer Kojiro Imada in August (also in English).

June 15-20, 2019

June 15 (Sat) 10:00-17:00
June 16 (Sun) 12:00-19:00
June 17 (Mon) 11:00-18:00
June 18 (Tue) 12:00-19:00
June 19 (Weds) 12:00-19:00
June 20 (Thur) 12:00-19:00
* Times subject to change.

Malaya Ileto, GYROKINESIS® Pre-trainer

Studio Natural Flow
Alsche Yoyogi Building 2F
1-11-12 Tomigaya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

103,680 yen (96,000 yen* + 7,680 consumption tax)
* Course fee 66,000 yen + Studio fee 30,000 yen = 96,000 yen

More information here.


GYROKINESIS® Pre-Training Course in Tokyo (March 2019)



GYROKINESIS® Pre-Training Course in Tokyo (Feb. 2019)


GYROKINESIS® Pre-Training Course in Tokyo (October 2018)


GYROKINESIS® Pre-Training Course in Tokyo (July 2018)

About the GYROKINESIS® Teacher Training Program


So grateful for the opportunity to join Peaceboat over the New Year holidays as Guest Educator on cruise ship Ocean Dream. I taught Gyrokinesis daily, performed Javanese dance and even led an open air ballet class, sharing 3 of my favorite forms of movement with more than 1,000 people over 9 short days! Feeling inspired and energized for 2018.


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Excited to have completed Japan’s very first GYROTONIC® Archway teacher training course with Master Trainers Erika Hassan and Dima Fedorov. Please check here if you are interested in trying out this amazing piece of training equipment!

I had the pleasure of hosting GYROKINESIS® Master Trainer Kojiro Imada (based in Germany) to teach a special class on Feb. 28, 2017. Thank you, Kojiro-Papa for what was a truly fun and inspirational class for us all!


In November 2015, Maya attended a Gyrokinesis Level 2 Course conducted in Bali by Juliu Horvath, the creator of Gyrokinesis.
2015年11月にジャイロ キネシスレベル2コースをジャイロキネシスの創始者ジュリウ・ホバス氏の指導のもとで受講しました。

Maya at FEW panel discussion on May 14, 2015
Genki in Japan – A Panel Discussion on Diverse Approaches to Women’s Health and Well-being in Japan
Event recap

In November 2014, Maya attended a Gyrokinesis Rejuvenation Course conducted in Bali by Juliu Horvath, the creator of Gyrokinesis. This video beautifully captures the experience!

Interview in Savvy Tokyo (August 2013)